Since 2008, we’ve taken pride in being forward-looking marketing specialists. We’ve always believed in the power of making technology the driving force behind your marketing efforts.

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For years, we watched as technology & digital brand integrity became a bigger & bigger piece of the puzzle. While we still help many of our clients with traditional marketing strategies, web & digital are becoming an increasingly large part of our business.

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At the heart of our business lies our secret—people! From one super creative, edgy person to our hand-crafted, coached and loved, highly trained professionals who stop at nothing to help you improve your business.

About Us

Bluedot Marketing is a leading Canadian Integrated Marketing Agency specializing in building digital and in-person experiences that drive manageable, meaningful and measurable impact for our clients.

We deliver AODA compliant websites, eCommerce and custom solutions, supported with digital marketing management such as SEO, SEM and Social media marketing.

Offline, we deliver Marketing and Promotional solutions such as Merchandise, Branded products, Logos, Corporate branding, apparel and Gifts and provide Custom solutions wherever required.

We’re always looking for new avenues to explore & are never satisfied with the status quo. We love identifying new ways to engage with our audience and bring value to their lives. Here at Bluedot Marketing, we love to THINK DIFFERENT!

Our Executive Team

Michael Minardi

Michael is our Director of Technology and the Founder of the division. He looks after strategy and direction for all the clients across the digital marketing spectre. He also manages all of the backend tech tasks and keeps the machine moving smoothly. When not at work, you can find Michael spending time with his 3 children, pursuing his passion for cars.


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Beverley Weick

Beverley is our Founder and Creative Director. She looks after all the branding and marketing activities right from conceptualization to delivery. She’s what you call the “ideas person” and is never short on great ideas! When not at work, you can find Beverley spending time with her husband & 2 awesome boys, defending her title of “Queen of The BBQ,” or at the #CrossFit gym working to shatter her deadlift PR of 225lbs.


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Pino Giuliana

Pino is the Director of Sales and a Partner at Bluedot Marketing. His career path has included industries such as manufacturing, distribution, retail, rental and service. Prior to Bluedot Marketing, Pino served in leadership roles for Concord Aluminum Railings, Stephenson’s Rental, Depco International, Coats Patons and other organizations. When not at work, Pino enjoys planning out vacations, day trips and hiking with his family.


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What Drives Us

We believe the success of a business depends on many factors, and an online strategy is a huge part of that. This is what we do & this is what we do well. Our business affords us the opportunity to meet great people from a variety of different industries. We love building these relationships & growing with our clients. It’s what makes it a little easier to wake up each and every morning!

What Our Clients Are Saying

Our Partners

A few of the companies we’re proud to work with:

Connect With Us

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