Introducing Carbon Neutral Web Hosting!

carbon neutral web hosting

At Bluedot Marketing, we believe in doing our part to preserve the environment. That's why we're proud to announce that we are now a carbon neutral web hosting company.

We displace 1.2 tonnes of CO2e per year. That’s equivalent to preventing 601 kg of coal from being burned!

We know that running a business can increase our carbon footprint, but with a range of measures put in place, we’ve managed to reduce our emissions as much as possible. We understand the importance of cutting emissions and protecting the environment and are committed to reducing our own emissions and offsetting any remaining carbon dioxide.

What does this mean for us?

By becoming carbon neutral, we are committing ourselves to improving air quality, supporting renewable energy projects, and helping tackle climate change – all without increasing our customers’ bills or passing on additional costs!


As well as producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions, we’re constantly finding new ways to reduce our environmental impact further. Our web hosting service is committed to being carbon neutral, utilizing renewable energy sources and offsetting emissions from other elements of our services with carbon credits. We also put strict policies in place for the responsible use of resources on our website and for minimizing waste. Being sustainable is important, and by taking responsibility of our carbon output, we hope to lead by example and inspire others to do their part too.

Looking for Carbon Neutral Hosting?

Go green and do your part to protect the planet when you choose our carbon neutral web hosting service. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll also support a business with sustainability at its core. Protect the environment and help make the world better by hosting your website through us!

At Bluedot Marketing, you can be sure that your site is hosted by an environmentally conscious company that cares about keeping the world green and healthy for future generations.

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