Innovative Thinking.

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Innovative Thinking.

Our Services

Make your mark online with

Social Media Marketing Services

We understand your goals, challenges, and needs, and then work towards a strategy that can build a good reputation and provide a high return on investment.

Rank 1st on Google with

Search Engine Optimization Services

Having a fancy website is only one piece of the puzzle. Once built properly, you will need to drive people to your beautiful new website.


We Are Your Personal Web Team

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Web Design & Development


We make sure your brand is properly represented & you stay in control. From the time we start your project, we make sure that your website is something you never have to worry about.


Every website we build is carefully structured around your business’ goals, & our hosting/maintenance packages make sure that you never have to do any heavy lifting!


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web design

E-Commerce Development


We’ve built E-Commerce stores for businesses in a variety of industries, and even run one ourselves! With careful attention to the buyer’s journey, and what it takes to drive online sales, we build you a unique shopping experience that’s sure to set you apart from the competition!


We can help you begin selling products online or make revenue driving improvements to your existing online store!


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e-commerce Service

Search Engine Optimization


Whether you have a plan for your content, or don’t know where to start–Let our Content Writing & SEO teams build you a website that will attract both people & search engines.


It’s time your business got noticed!


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Social Media Management


Almost 67% of Canada’s population is present on at least one social media platform. At Bluedot Marketing, we see this as an opportunity to identify new approaches to help our clients establish a foundation for their marketing activities on social media.


Our solutions are formulated based on your vision, objectives, and insights. We follow a 3 step process for success.


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Social Media Service

Custom Solutions


We love solving problems! Do you feel like your business isn’t as efficient as it could be, or do you have a manual process you think may be easier if it were digitized?


Learn more about some custom web-based solutions we’ve implemented for our clients, and ideas of how we can make your business run smoother!


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We know how important your brand is. Keeping the integrity of your logo is something we take very seriously. Just as it should be.


Learn more about some custom web-based solutions we’ve implemented for our clients, and ideas of how we can make your business run smoother!



Our Partners

E-Commerce Development

E-Commerce Development


We pay careful attention to the behaviour patterns that buyers exhibit when shopping online and apply this knowledge to create unique shopping experiences that help you unlock new revenue.


Our Performance Dashboard helps you discover sales patterns, see website traffic, and track sales data at a glance & in-depth.


  • Custom built on WordPress using Woo Commerce
  • Create Discount Codes, Sell Gift Cards, & Run Promotions
  • Connect to Your Favourite Payment Gateway

  • Connect to Your Favourite Shipping Services
  • Integrate with Popular Accounting Systems
  • In-Depth Performance Dashboard

E-Commerce Development

Take a Digital Vacation

We want to show you how easy it can be to improve your business’ online presence.

We’ve created a personalized landing page, just for you! Simply enter your company name (You don’t have to use a real one!) to see what your business website could look like and learn how we make improving your Business Website an effortless process!