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Buying Local

Buying Local: A Bluedot Environmental Perspective

When you purchase something that travels around the world to get to you, do you know how much pollution is created before it reaches your doorstep? Would you believe me if I said, shipping alone is responsible for over 18% of the air pollutants we breathe every day?

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Single use plastics

Single-Use Plastics: A Bluedot Environmental Perspective

Almost everything we use daily is made with some amount of plastic. Our society functions on the production of plastic. We have been blindly addicted to plastic for almost a century, and we fail to recognize that it has been one of the largest contributors of degradation to our environments ever since.

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Social Media

Build Your Brand: Getting Started With Social Media

As a business owner, we understand that you are constantly looking for ways for your brand to appeal to potential customers. Managing daily marketing activities can leave you feeling stretched thin. However, there is an upside – leveraging the influence of social media for your brand is not tedious, and if done properly could help you reap huge benefits!

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Introducing The New CDN Brand

Businesses quite literally make the world go round, and we believe they play an important role in making tomorrow better than today. At Bluedot, we look at every day as an opportunity to grow & improve. Business-wise, this means improving our services & processes to

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