20 Digital Tools to Make Running a Business Easier

This blog post will explore digital tools available today that can make your business processes convenient and efficient.
business woman using digital tools

As a business owner, you can face challenges in some day-to-day tasks and processes. There are so many responsibilities that need to be completed that it’s easy for these tasks to pile up and become overwhelming. Thankfully, an army of digital tools available today can help make running your business easier.


This blog post will explore digital tools that can make your business processes convenient and efficient.


Task & Project Management


Monday: Easily build, run, and scale your workflows on one platform.


Calendly: A way to schedule meetings with clients, partners, or colleagues.


Trello: A fun project management program that lets users organize projects into boards.


Asana: Asana allows groups to create projects and collaborate on tasks together. This tool is great for teams who want to stay organized and work well together! 


Financial Management/ Accounting


Quickbooks: an accounting app that helps business owners keep their finances organized.


Freshbooks: An easy-to-use online accounting software.


Sharing Files and Collaboration


Dropbox: An excellent tool for backing up your business data, sharing files, and collaborating on files with your team members.


Google Docs/Sheets: If you do a lot of writing or use spreadsheets to track your inventory, Google Docs or Google Sheets are the tools for you! It’s easy to share and edit with multiple people.


Evernote: Evernote makes it simple for you to store notes, photos, sketches, and other information so you can access it anywhere.




Microsoft Teams: A messaging app for teams that lets everyone stay on the same page. It’s great for sharing files, images or news with your team members!


Slack: It is a messaging app for teams that allows everyone to stay on the same page. It’s great for sharing files, images, or news with your team members!


Publishing Digital Content


Hootsuite: An app that lets users manage social media accounts!


Publer: Publer will allow you to manage your social media accounts easily! It’s perfect for managing multiple profiles.


Sprout Social: A tool that allows you to publish, engage and analyze conversations on social media.


Content Creation


Canva: Canva makes it easy for anybody to create beautiful images, infographics, and designs. It is an excellent tool for business owners who want to create compelling visuals without paying big bucks!


Jing: Jing makes it simple for you to create short videos and share them with your clients. It’s a handy tool if you want to show off something quickly!


Pexels: The best free stock photos, royalty-free images & videos shared by creators.


Envato: A marketplace where you can find digital design items.




Unroll.Me: Cleans up your inbox by removing all those annoying subscriptions that you have accumulated.


IFTTT: A web application with many useful features like backing up your photos, sharing files or sending yourself daily reminders!


We hope this list will help you optimize your day-to-day tasks and make running your business easier! If there are other tools that we didn’t mention, let us know, and we’ll take a look.