5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn

No business can be successful without strong connections, and LinkedIn helps you build just that. Here’s how it can help you grow your business.
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5 Tips to Grow Your Business Using LinkedIn


Date: November 02, 2020
By: Bluedot Tech


You probably already know that you need to be on LinkedIn. Or perhaps, you already have a half-done LinkedIn profile – one that you visit every six months. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re starting up on your own. In that case, why create a LinkedIn profile at all? Does it not only apply to those chasing full-time careers at big Multi-National Companies? If you’re guilty of believing any of this, let us shed some light on how to grow your business on LinkedIn.


1. Expand Your Reach

There’s no limit to who you should and can connect with on LinkedIn.

Know of a potential employee you would like to hire? Connect!

Have a company you want to convert into a client. Follow them!

Simply looking to generate leads? Connect and accept relevant requests!

A simple search will help you uncover potential customers as well as like-minded users. These users will add to your network and help increase the reach of your business and grow your brand.


2. Position Your Power

On LinkedIn, you have the added capacity to position yourself among the most influential people within your industry. Moreover, your LinkedIn activity shows other professionals that you value and participate actively in business communities. Connections like these can drive referrals that result in new clients, customers, and contracts.

The capability to position your power on the platform is immense – making connections with top industry leaders and networking in various business groups has never been easier. It is a feature that is unique to LinkedIn!


3. Nurture Connections

Remember business cards? It’s because LinkedIn has replaced them in the world of networking.

Endorse, recommend, comment, connect – all of this is possible on this platform! Moreover, instead of only connecting with individuals, you can also follow and connect with businesses. It allows you to even tune into their updates. You know what that means – if they’re your potential clients, you know precisely what they’re expecting, and if they are your competition, you know who you’re up against.


4. The Quicker Route to Your Next Client

Recent events have led the entire world to adopt digital solutions. Businesses have moved processes online, and LinkedIn is probably the best digital platform to help you reach your next client quickly. Individuals/Businesses are on LinkedIn to look for jobs, post jobs, identify potential business partners, and so much more. With just a little bit of research and advertising, your business can attract top clients, and let you into their world so that you know exactly who you’re getting into business with.


5. Build Credibility

One of the many reasons that set LinkedIn apart from the other social media sites is that your connections can recommend and endorse you for your skills and work. Your credibility will only increase when you receive endorsements from experts and employees from established businesses.


#Bonus: If your business is interested in generating website traffic, LinkedIn is more effective than other social media channels.


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