Ad Psychology in Action: Baby Goat Disco

Some are good, a lot are bad--but try as you might, you cannot escape the ads! A fun look at Ad Psychology.
Baby Goat Disco Ad Psychology


Ad Psychology in Action: Baby Goat Disco


Date: July 7, 2019
By: Shaun Pingitore


Some are good, a lot are bad–but the creators behind the Baby Goat Disco advertisement clearly understood Ad Psychology.


I’ve always been interested in Psychology. Over the last few years this interest, coupled with hours spent sitting on subways and buses staring at ads, has led me to become fascinated with Ad Psychology.

Ads are everywhere; On TV, your phone, in your mailbox, your inbox, on billboards & in shopping malls. There really is no escape.

Some are good, a lot are bad. That’s why I always make note of ads that I think are a good demonstration of Ad Psychology. Baby Goat Disco (video below) is an ad I saw on TV yesterday that I think was beautifully executed.


While fast-forwarding through commercials during an episode of Family Guy, I had to stop and rewind to the beginning of this commercial to watch it again. What really amazed me is the ability that this particular ad had.

This commercial was able to get me to not only do, but enjoy the exact activity I was actively trying to avoid—watching commercials.

To take it one step further, it made me complete an activity that I would not have otherwise sought out, or participated in…even though it regards a very serious medical issue that maybe I should be more aware of. (As I later found out, I don’t have anything to worry about for the time being!)


While I don’t think our tolerance for ads has gone down, Our tolerance for bad ads definitely has. We’ve become so bombarded with them that our instinct has evolved to make instant decisions as to whether an ad is relevant to us.


Further, tools like ad-blockers, spam filters, and the ability to fast-forward through TV commercials are just a few examples of things that make it easier than ever to choose which type of content we see and when. Now more than ever, you need to understand Ad Psychology to expand and grow your business.

Capturing someones attention, keeping their attention, & getting them to complete an activity are all immense feats. Yet they are all just pieces in the puzzle of creating an effective ad.

With this in mind, please enjoy the following video!

Baby Goat Disco Video