What is The Trending Page?

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What is The Trending Page?

Date: January 1, 2019
By: Bluedot Tech

Welcome to the Bluedot Trending Page, home of all the best Business Technology news, articles & videos!

The Trending Page is what we call our blog! We’re excited to continue growing the Trending Page into an immense resource for all things business, technology, marketing, & social media. If you are a business owner (or simply someone who is interested in business!) you’ll want to check back to learn all sorts of things about how technology is changing the landscape of business, and ways that our business as well as others are adapting.

What’s even more exciting is what the Trending Page is going to become. With plans for a podcast and video series aside, the thing we’re most looking forward to is The Sandbox (Shh! It’s still a secret!). While we can’t give away too much, The Sandbox will be a space on our website, full of games and interactive elements that push the boundaries of technology and web development.

How Can I Stay Involved?

We hope you’ll stick around for the journey, and we’re looking forward to growing & learning alongside every member of our community. If you haven’t yet, we’d love to have you Join The World of Bluedot, where each month we’ll highlight a new article or piece of content, and keep you in the loop with all things Bluedot.


What Next?

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