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trash bins in a forest

Wish-Cycling – A Bluedot Environmental Perspective

Picture this… you have an empty glass bottle with a plastic lid. The bottle can be recycled, but the lid can’t, but you say to yourself, “it’s so small no one will notice.” Or you aren’t sure which recycling bin it goes into, but you

person standing on a cliff with a lake and mountains in background

Environmental and Human Health – A Bluedot Environmental Perspective

When we use the words ‘Environmental Science’ and ‘Environmental Health,’ we think of how green our trees are and how blue the oceans are. What many people don’t realize is a large part of environmental health goes hand in hand with human health. Exposure to a forest with lush trees and

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Environmental Restoration – Great Lakes Initiative

After generations of growing populations and communities, some parts of our environment have been highly damaged. As our society and daily lives become so fast-paced and chaotic, we sometimes forget what the environment was like before we got here. The concrete jungles of urban cities,