7 Tips to Get More Google Reviews

Google Reviews are good for improving your online presence, for clients who may be discovering you for the first time, and are great feedback to improve your business!
How To Get More Google Reviews

7 Tips to Get More Google Reviews


Date: November 1, 2019
By: Shaun Pingitore


Google Reviews are good for your SEO (which means more business!), good for potential clients who may be discovering your business for the first time, and are great feedback to further improve your business!


While there are many places that you can gather reviews for your business, we always encourage you to collect reviews on Google since it is such a widely used platform.


Google Reviews are very important as they are the first place many people look to determine whether a business is worth working with or purchasing from.


What’s more, Google is more likely to show your business in a search result if it has positive reviews, and even more so if you have plenty of them.


In this article, we’ll share a few tips with you to start collecting more reviews, & also include a video to show you how you can make it super simple for your clients to leave you a review!


How Do I Start Collecting Google Reviews?

Collecting Google Reviews is as simple as creating a Google My Business page for your company. This free listing allows you to collect reviews, have your business displayed on Google Maps, and showcase a variety of important information to help customers find you. The best part? It’s free!


If you’d like to learn how to set up Google My Business, check out last month’s Trending Article! Go!


How Can I Get More Reviews?

1. Believe That You Deserve a Review!

The first tip for getting more reviews is believing that you deserve one! Is your product better than the competition? Do you work day and night to ensure your customers are happy?

Building your business in a way that makes you confident that you deserve a review makes it a lot easier to ask for one. Although, you should strive to build a business where you don’t even need to ask for a review, because customers and clients take it upon themselves to write one!


2. Be Professional, But Shameless

The next tip to start getting more reviews is to be shameless. While it may be inappropriate to ask the same client multiple times, or to demand a review, there is nothing wrong with sending a simple note to a client, expressing your appreciation for their business and asking for a review if they are happy with their experience.


You don’t need to come up with a clever “pitch” when asking for a review. If you know why you deserve one, telling your clients that you are trying to gather more reviews, and politely asking for one should do the trick!


Be careful when asking the same client for a review more than once. There may be a variety of reasons why a client may not give you a review, and it can quickly become rude & unprofessional to badger them for one.


3. Ask Family & Friends

While we strongly encourage you not to gather “fake” reviews (which can look very bad on your business), there is nothing wrong with getting family & friends who can attest to your character & business’ values to leave an honest review.


4. Ask Employees to Leave a Review

Similar to the last point, getting your employees to leave an honest note about the company culture & management is a perfectly valid review of your business. You may find that your employees leave the most insightful reviews of all!


5. Reciprocate!

What goes around, comes around! While this tip only really works if you’re operating within a business to business space, sometimes leaving a review on a client’s business is a great way to entice them to return the favour.


Does this client purchase from you often? Did you work on a lengthy project with them? You can likely speak to the professionalism & friendliness of your client’s business & maybe even their staff! Again, honesty is the key.


A word of warning: Don’t leave a review on a client’s business if you can’t honestly write something nice. I don’t think we need to explain what might happen if you leave a poor review on someone you do business with often!…


6. Make It Easy

This last point is one we can’t stress enough. If you really want to gather a lot of reviews, you need to make it simple for your clients to leave one.


Watch the following video for our advice to make it as easy as possible for someone to leave you a review!


7. Incentivize!

Another helpful tip is to incentivize people to leave a review. Offering a coupon or a discount on their next purchase may increase the likeliness of a client leaving a review.


As with tip number 3, we need to stress that incentivizing people to leave fake or dishonest reviews is a highly immoral thing to do. However, offering a token of appreciation in exchange for their feedback is a great way to improve your business.


Learn to appreciate all reviews, even the bad ones—as they offer an opportunity for you to realize your business’ shortcomings & improve so that you can work towards that coveted 5/5 Stars!


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