Introducing The New CDN Brand

For us, this is an opportunity to build a deep understanding of E-Commerce businesses, while supporting the communities we hold dear.
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Introducing The New CDN Brand


Date: Dec 9, 2019
By: Bluedot Tech


Businesses quite literally make the world go round, and we believe they play an important role in making tomorrow better than today. At Bluedot, we look at every day as an opportunity to grow & improve. Business-wise, this means improving our services & processes to better serve our clients and become a stronger company. Socially, this means finding opportunities to make our community—and the world, a better place.


While we’re all at very different points in our lives, every member of our team has an interesting story. Although each of us have faced unique challenges, one thing we all agree on is that the more help you have (in business & in life)—the better. This is especially true when you’re young.


A little under a year ago, we launched a contest—The Bluedot Initiative. This contest was open to young entrepreneurs, and the prize was a web design package. The winner of this contest was James Bajc, founder of CDN Brand. As we began working with James, he was more than willing to accept any help we could give him.


As James began to realize that running a business on your own is a great feat, he was excited to jump on board when we saw an opportunity. As of December, CDN Brand will be run under the direction of Bluedot. Leveraging our use of technology and our team’s expansive network, we’re excited to announce that the new CDN Brand now proudly donates 100% of profits to Canadian charities.


For us, this is an opportunity to build a deep understanding of E-Commerce businesses, allowing us to better serve our clients—while supporting and improving the communities we hold dear.


What’s Next?

We’re currently working to help Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity reach their holiday donation goals. As our business expands and sales grow, we look forward to being able to provide funds to other charities helping deserving Canadians.


We’re also very excited to announce that we are currently looking into bringing on a team of students to help manage CDN Brand. This will be an opportunity for us to teach the next generation a great deal about responsibility and real-world skills like entrepreneurship.


We would like to invite you to visit the new CDN Brand website, and do your holiday shopping knowing that you’re giving more than one gift this year.


From the entire Bluedot team, happy holidays!