Importance of Video Content in Your Social Media Strategy

Video is having a major moment in the sun right now. Here are three reasons to help convince you that video content is the way to go.
Video Content In Social Media Strategy

You have probably scrolled through Facebook or Instagram and noticed that much of the content out there today is in video format. More so, you have probably spent a fair amount of time yourself immersed in these videos.

As a format for consuming content, video is having a major moment in the sun right now. According to research published by HubSpot, 99% of marketers are currently using video and have reported that they plan to continue using it this year. More so, 95% of them are expanding their investment in the format.

Here are three reasons to help convince you that video content is the way to go.

Video increases engagement

Sometimes, retaining your customers’ attention as a business can be challenging. In addition to that, there is so much content out there fighting for their attention. Prioritizing video for engagement is a proven way to boost engagement. Tweets with video see 10x more engagement, Instagram even created a whole new format for easy consumption of short video – Reels! Videos on Facebook Business pages increase end-user engagement by 33%. More so, video content typically tends to perform best with most algorithms, based on the fact it captures a viewers’ attention.

Video Content Increases Engagement

Videos can be repurposed across platforms

You can use videos to reach different audiences on different platforms in the manner they’re consuming content. Instagram Feed videos make for ideal video content on Facebook, and Instagram Live broadcasts can now be automatically shared to IGTV. Short videos for Instagram Stories convert well as Pinterest Video Pins. Videos can also be converted to text-based posts on LinkedIn to help with discoverability.

Social media users love video

The popularity of consuming video is growing year on year & consumers expect brands to deliver engaging and entertaining content more than ever before! Did you know that in 2019, users of various social media platforms spent averagely 6 hours watching online videos per week? That is a 59% increase from 2016!

Here are five kinds of videos you must consider to retain brand engagement.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos: They effectively showcase your products, the problem you solve, and how you solve your customers’ problems.

Brand videos: Videos that tell your brand’s story and communicate its mission – who you are, what you do & what this means for your consumers.

Live videos: These help take your audience through essential milestones in real-time, thereby boosting authenticity and establishing trust.

Testimonial videos: This immersive experience helps take your audience through all the positive things being said about the brand.

Event Videos

Event videos: Not everyone can experience your brand’s events first-hand. Event videos are great to involve your larger online audience.

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