Boost Website Conversions With These Web Design Tips

Here are four tips to keep in mind to make your site effective, compelling and to boost website conversions.
Boost Website Conversions With These Web Design Tips

We bet you have browsed through a million blogs about web design and are boggled by the fact that there are so many different styles to choose from. Well, today, we are here to make things easier for you. With a few basic ground rules, we will make web design a smooth and easy process for you no matter the style you choose!

Four Tips To Boost Website Conversions


Take out what is not needed

Visitors do not like clutter. They like whitespace. In other words, they prefer low visual complexity. Make your Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons easily noticeable and your navigation easy-to-understand. The less your site visitors have to read, the easier it will be to evaluate your content and the faster they will convert into customers. 


Leverage visual hierarchy

Your website navigation structure should allow someone to land on any page on your site and find what they need within three clicks. With your content, follow the F pattern to make an excellent first impression. Lastly, follow the rule of thirds to understand how and where to place pieces of content on your site for better visibility.


Make the most of white space

Whitespace (also called negative space) is the area between the elements on a web page. Whatever colour you choose for your website, remember to employ whitespace in between elements. Whitespace helps balance elements on a page and helps create a natural flow. 


Factor in a mobile responsive design

Ensure that your website design and navigation renders correctly on mobile. Keep in mind that your custom web design should be cleaner and more straightforward since it’s a smaller area. There are responsive designs and themes for every major content management system. Make the most of them!


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