5 SEO Tips To Boost Organic Website Traffic

If you are looking to drive organic traffic to your website, here are a few essential SEO tips to help you.
SEO Tips To Boost Organic Website Traffic

An oversaturated landscape of algorithms is the actual reality of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) today. It is no wonder that keeping up with the “latest” in SEO can be difficult. If you are looking to drive organic traffic to your website, you have reached the right place.


Let us dive into a few essential tips to help you boost organic website traffic.


Internal Linking

You want to ensure that traffic is distributed across all your pages evenly. That is why internal linking is essential. Internal links help to link different pages within your site using relevant keywords. This way, Search Engines discover other pages within your website and bump them up in SEO results. Internally-linked pages get better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking because search engines think they provide better value to readers.


Look Into The Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals are a collection of metrics that account for speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. These metrics include mobile-friendliness, HTTPS, safe browsing and Intrusive interstitials. By optimizing these vitals, you will be providing your audience with a better user experience.


Do Not Forget Image Optimization

Visual search has evolved over the years. Properly optimized images put you in good stead of ranking high on the image SERPs. Also, Optimizing your image sizes could save you 20% to 40% of page load time. Lastly, remember to name your files wisely and compress your images. The right tactics go a long way.


Conduct Annual Content Audits

An annual content audit helps you make informed decisions regarding pages on your website having to be kept as it is, updated, consolidated or deleted. Assess each page carefully and individually to identify which pages add to your SEO ranking and which do not. 


Repurpose Blogs As Videos

Haven’t heard this one before, have you? While some internet users like to read, others like to watch. So, if you have any blogs that have received much traction, repurpose them into videos to keep the momentum going! This way, you can then embed the video in your blog post to appeal to even more visitors. This sort of repurposing will also land you a place in Google’s multiple search results, such as its video carousel.


For more helpful tips to improve your organic website traffic and to ensure that your website is ranking well on search engines, give us a call today!